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How to start a business – Networking

How to start a business – Networking

COST: Free

DURATION: 20 minutes


LANGUAGE: Available in English or French

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Computer (optimal), tablet, smart phone

CATEGORY: Start or buy a business

LEVEL: Basic


Note: To have the best learning experience, we recommend you view this course on a computer with the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox and a strong Wi-Fi connection. If you decide to view this course on a mobile device, we recommend you use Chrome.

As an entrepreneur, building and maintaining business relationships is key to your success. This short course will give you best practices on how to be successful at both networking and talking about your business with confidence, as well as ideas on where to look for networking opportunities. You’ll also hear from a BDC expert who will talk about how to prepare a strong elevator pitch, which is a summary of what your business does, who your customers are and what sets it apart from the competition.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to work on your ideas in a handy travel journal—a great place to keep notes and start working on your networking plan amd elevator pitch. Your journal will also contain tips on, and additional resources for doing business in Canada.

This course is part of the comprehensive program, How to Start a Business, which guides you through all aspects of starting a business in Canada.

The program covers the following topics: 

  • defining your business structure
  • an overview of the business plan
  • financing your business
  • hiring and retaining employees
  • marketing
  • sales
  • networking

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