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COST: Free

DURATION: 20 minutes


LANGUAGE: Available in English or French

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Computer (optimal), tablet, smart phone

CATEGORY: Money and finance

LEVEL: Basic


This course will teach you how to regularly analyze your business’s profitability so you can control your spending better and increase profits on your sales. Having a clear picture of your company’s profitability will also help you to make better operational decisions.

The course contains three library books that cover the following topics:

  • How to analyze my profitability
  • How to review my pricing
  • Getting better performance, better profits

You can test your knowledge at any time with some gym exercises. When you’re ready, you can complete a business challenge where you will help an entrepreneur analyze their income statements to improve profitability.

This module is also presented as part of the Financial fundamentals I game.

Enroll for free and enjoy many benefits:

  • stop anytime and save your session
  • easily resume your course
  • keep your course history
  • win awards and badges