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Financial statements

Financial statements

COST: Free

DURATION: 25 minutes


LANGUAGE: Available in English or French

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Computer (optimal), tablet, smart phone

CATEGORY: Money and finance

LEVEL: Basic


Understanding your financial statements and how they relate to one another gives you a full picture of your business’s health. This course will help you monitor your business’s financial progress. By keeping tabs on your company’s finances, you’ll be better able to steer it in the right direction.

This course contains four library books that cover the following topics:

  • What is a balance sheet?
  • What is an income statement?
  • What are statements of retained earnings and cash flow statements?
  • How do financial statements relate to each other?

You can test your knowledge at any time with some gym exercises. When you’re ready, you can complete a business challenge where you’ll help an entrepreneur make sense of their financial statements.

This module is also presented as part of the Financial fundamentals I game.

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