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Financial fundamentals I

Financial fundamentals I

COST: Free

DURATION: 2 hours


LANGUAGE: Available in English or French

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Computer (optimal), tablet, smart phone

CATEGORY: Money and finance

LEVEL: Basic


Many entrepreneurs sabotage their company’s success because they are unaware of how to properly manage their finances. This game will equip you with the basic financial knowledge and skills you need to manage your business’s finances and make sound decisions to guide your company’s growth.

In the game, you’ll make stops around town, visiting the library to gain financial management knowledge and the gym to practise what you’ve learned. Then, you’ll have an opportunity to help different entrepreneurs with their business challenges. The game covers the following five key topics:

  1. Cash flow management and why it’s important
  2. Financial reports and how they give you a full picture of your financial situation
  3. Analyzing and improving your company’s profits
  4. Performance monitoring to address problems early
  5. Raising capital to help grow your business

These topics are also available as individual modules in our Learning Centre.

NOTE: To have the best learning experience, we recommend you play this game on a computer with the latest version of Google Chrome and a strong Wi-Fi connection. Make sure pop-ups and cookies are enabled. This game is not optimized to be played on Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

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