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100 days to efficient operations

100 days to efficient operations

COST: Free

DURATION: 2 hours


LANGUAGE: Available in English or French

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Computer (optimal), tablet, smart phone

CATEGORY: Operations

LEVEL: Basic


Improving operational efficiency requires more than just better tools and procedures. You need to create a culture of continuous improvement in your company. This game will help you learn how to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and get buy-in from your team to sustain and build on improvements over time.

In this engaging game, you play the role of a business owner that has 100 days to make their business efficient. You will encounter various challenges during the game. Helping you with these challenges are four business mentors who will teach you about basic operational efficiency concepts, such as:

  • waste
  • gemba walk
  • key performance Indicators
  • dashboards
  • daily performance monitoring routines
  • processes mapping

Note: To have the best learning experience, we recommend you play this game on a computer with the latest version of Google Chrome and a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Enroll for free and enjoy many benefits:

  • stop anytime and save your session
  • easily resume your course
  • keep your course history
  • win awards and badges