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Managing my finances

Managing my finances

COST: Free

DURATION: 15 minutes


LANGUAGE: Available in English or French

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Computer (optimal), tablet

CATEGORY: Money and finance

LEVEL: Basic


Many business owners think higher sales automatically lead to more cash in the bank. This isn’t always the case because several other factors come into play. Understanding how to analyze your income statement and statement of cash flow will help you get a clearer picture of your company’s profitability.

In this course, you will follow an entrepreneur who is being mentored on how to put proper accounting practices in place to effectively monitor her profits.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Net income versus net cash flow
  • Accrual accounting versus cash basis accounting
  • Understanding your income statements and statement of cash flows in detail
  • Good accounting practices

This module is also presented as part of the Financial Fundamentals II course.

NOTE: To have the best learning experience, we recommend you do this course on a computer with the latest version of Google Chrome and a strong Wi-Fi connection.

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